Pastoral Care at St. Paul’s.

Caring for one another is essential to seeking and serving Christ in all persons. At St. Paul’s we continue to build a network of volunteers celebrating family & individual milestones, and supporting people facing challenges through the many and varied transitions in this life.

Pastoral Care Ministry Team
Goals: To oversee, recruit, deploy, provide, and support others providing, pastoral care to families and individuals of St. Paul’s.

Sub Committees: There is room on every one of these teams for more hands and hearts. If you are interested, please contact our Associate, Heidi J. A. Carter at

Prayer Ministry Team
This team confidentially offers up prayer requests submitted by members and visitors. [Prayer Request Form can be found here.] The co-chairs of this team curate the requests, share the requests with the team and staff, contact those who have asked for support, and notify people when their prayer request is coming-up for renewal.

Healing Prayers 3rd Sundays
This team meets people in the Chapel and the Tower Room during communion on the third Sundays to offer prayers for those who request them for themselves, or on behalf of another.

Bishop Spencer Visitors
These members schedule regular visits with members, and others, residing at the Bishop Spencer Place retirement community in Westport.

Maker’s Ministry
A team of sewers, knitters, and other crafters who prepare prayer mantles, baby hats and blankets, and fleece wraps for parishioners.

Grief Journey Group
A parishioner who is also a licensed life coach, along with an eFm grad, are building a support network at St. Paul’s around the program “Understanding Your Grief” from the Center for Loss. They hope to begin meeting in January of 2020.