Episcopal Beliefs


St. Paul’s is part of The Episcopal Church. We believe in and seek to live by the message of Jesus Christ, and we believe that God’s love knows no outcasts. We are a liturgical church, meaning that we follow ancient forms of worship according to the Book of Common Prayer. We are a sacramental church, meaning that we believe that there are “outward and visible signs of inward and spiritual grace.”

Our worship and religious education and practice encourage us to engage in thoughtful reflection and insights about what God’s call means to each of us, as followers of Christ.

Each Sunday, the congregation recites the Nicene Creed, an ancient formula of belief that sums up the teaching of the Church. One of the wonderful things about being an Episcopalian is that we believe it is okay to struggle with our faith, and that on those Sundays when we ourselves have a hard time professing our belief in one tenet of the Creed or another, the rest of the congregation is there to support us, or as is often said, to believe it for us.

We encourage you to further explore our beliefs at the Visitor’s Center of the Episcopal Church. If you visit us here at St. Paul’s, you will also find in the Book of Common Prayer a short catechism that briefly explores the central tenets of our faith.